Order Lookup

Got a reference number? See the status of your order!

This section allows you to track your orders and view their status in real time. Once you have filled in the email address used in the order process and the order reference number, the system will display the details of your order.
Email address: (Eg:
Order reference number: (Eg: 1006503 )
For additional information about your order please login to you account.

Search for transaction details

By using this feature, you may follow up on a certain transaction you made with PayU and you will receive any needed details regarding this transaction. If the details below will match an PayU transaction, you will receive the requested details by e-mail.


First and last 4 digits from the card used in the transaction: -XXXX-XXXX- (Eg: 5678 - XXXX - XXXX- 6945)
Total amount:
Transaction currency: (Eg: USD)