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  • Yariv Leers

    Posted by:: 10.08.2017

    Easy to order but saw nothing about choosing seats on the flight.


    Posted by:: 30.07.2017

    It was easy and user friendly experience.


    Posted by:: 29.07.2017

    1-The price 2- The qweeck answer to my quwestions by e.mail with aqurae detales.

  • Amir Meiri

    Posted by:: 27.07.2017

    I purchased two flight tickets via your system, however it supplied them separate, as if two unrelated people were flying, even though we meant to fly together. Lucky for us that we managed to secure adjacent seats on the flights.


    Posted by:: 11.07.2017

    So far, so good. I haven't flown yet, so I don't know if all of the reservations, etc., will run smoothly.


    Posted by:: 15.06.2017

    A live agent using instant messaging would be a wonderful addition to the website.


    Posted by:: 27.05.2017

    I had some enquiries with the booking! They actually replied and it makes the experience a wonderful one! Recommended to all!!

  • Cristina Panciuc

    Posted by:: 24.05.2017

    the bill was 935$ and I was charged 953$ with no explanation. the error was not repaired even a week later.


    Posted by:: 22.05.2017

    Great customer service.


    Posted by:: 17.03.2017

    feels safe , quick , professional