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  • About 3D Secure

    • VISA and MasterCard have joint forces to develop an antifraud system called 3D Secure.

      If you have one or more Visa or Mastercard cards you may enroll them in this system. The first step is to contact the issuing bank and to ask for your card to be enrolled in the 3D Secure system. After your request is granted, you will go to a secure site where you will choose a password you’ll use for each online transaction in 3D Secure.

      The system grants safer online transactions, because the password is requested at each online order in 3D Secure , just like for ATM’s withdrawal.

      3D Secure advantages for shoppers are:

      • Small fraud risk because only the person that knows the 3D Secure password can use the card for online transactions on sites enlisted in 3D Secure.
      • If your card data enrolled in 3D Secure are illegally used by someone else to make a payment in an online shop that is not using the system you will win your money back.

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Why does PayU appear on my credit card statement?
This section allows you to track one of your transactions, made through PayU system and receive its details.