Frequently Asked Questions
  • My card has been rejected at payment, although it is issued under the logo of one of the international organizations mentioned above. Why?

    • There are several possible reasons:
      • • Insufficient funds – you must transfer funds on the card or increase the current credit limit;
      • • The card is mentioned on the “blacklist” – that means it was declared lost or stolen and it was blocked by its owner
      • • The card issuer doesn’t authorize eCommerce transactions – you must contact the bank that issued your card and ask for the activation of this service. You may check this option when you choose a certain type of card or bank, as there are banks that don’t accept this kind of transactions;
      • • The card issuer could not be contacted and the “stand-in” limits, designated by the issuer don’t allow eCommerce transactions or limit their maximum value – you must contact the bank’s support centre at the phone numbers in the back of your card. They are the only ones who can provide real information regarding the causes of the incident and the duration of the malfunctioning.

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Why does PayU appear on my credit card statement?
This section allows you to track one of your transactions, made through PayU system and receive its details.